Beginning as a one person operation many years ago, today BnZ's multidisciplinary team provides Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering in various provinces and territories in Canada. BnZ now possesses a long-standing reputation in the industry for outstanding client service and engineering excellence.


Our business approach is based on pragmatism and excellence. The strength of our company is our staff family, who approach each project with integrity and rigour.

           ur team possesses extensive experience in programmable logic custom control and monitoring, in addition to networking and computer applications, such as the development of custom software.


Our progressive use of software & custom systems integration sets us apart in the industry for our efficient and precise design strategy. BnZ is known for consistently demonstrating methodical, dynamic & creative problem-solving skills.


Our ability to travel to remote geographic areas permits collaboration with and service-provision for diverse communities and businesses across Canada.

President & CEO Ken Richards is a major contributor to the Canadian Electrical Code under Canadian Standards Association.